1. 16 Going on 17: At GMHC’s controversial classic “Morning Party” on Fire Island, 4,000 hot bods celebrated a bittersweet 16, cops busted 21 for drugs, and Gotham tabloids gawked.
  2. Tea for Two: Playboy Playmate and POZ covergirl Rebekka Armstrong rubbed off on Kate Shindle (Miss America 1998) at the Phoenix POZ Life Expo in July.
  3. The Hills Are Alive: Eight PWAs raised AIDS awareness to new heights by scaling Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro for all the World AIDS Conference to see via video hookup.
  4. Don’t Cry for Me, Sandy Thurman: ACT UP/NY’s (and POZ’s own) Bob Lederer got on the horn after clean-needle advocates seized the DC office of the AIDS czarina in July.
  5. Springtime for Hitler: Latino AIDS Commission Chair Dennis DeLeón worked the press at a July demo against New York state’s new partner-notification law.
  6. Send in the Clowns: In July, antigay minister Fred Phelps’ flock picketed outside All God’s Children Church in Minneapolis.
  7. Greased Lightning: HIV positive writer Paul Harris flies to a photo finish in the 100-meter race at Gay Games V in Amsterdam.