1. No Karaoke: Japanese women serenaded shoppers and salarymen at an 11th annual World AIDS Day ceremony in Tokyo’s busiest square.
  2. Whole Enchilada: Artists launched extra-large latex in front of Mexico City’s chichi Palace of Fine Arts to honor Un Dia Sin Arte.
  3. French Whine: ACT UP Parisians took to the street and faked la morte to protest their government’s ennui toward the epidemic.
  4. Indian Giver: Champa Nepali, a former sex worker with HIV, spent December 1 handing out condoms in Bombay’s red-light district.
  5. Silent Treatment: Standing with their mouths taped shut for an hour, demonstrators in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, let the Red Ribbon do the roaring.
  6. American Gothic: The pre-impeachment prez observed the day with a photo-op and a token $10-million to the planet’s AIDS orphans.