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Gary Higo

What a great article!! There is plenty of research showing how animals can help not only one's spirits but health as well. As Dab stated, go to a local shelter and get a pet it will do wonders for you and you will have a unconditional loving, furry friend as they know you will have saved them. I know Dab personally and his dogs are the BEST!!!!

July 26, 2010 St Petersburg, FL


I certainly wouldn't consider getting rid of my two cats. They know when I'm sick and don't feel good, coming to curl up with me in bed. I often joke that they are nothing but "cat food-powered poop machines," but I love them to death. I just got a bluetooth keyboard and mouse so that when they decide to lay down on my desk, I can work around them. They are way more important than answering an email. They're my kids.

May 26, 2010 Kansas City

Michael Palumbaro

Diagnosed with HIV in 1987, and AIDS in 1997, My pets CC (Cecilia Carol)a cat, and Barney, yellow Lab, kept me alive the same way these other folks describe about their pets. They have since died but I believe we will be reunited. Now there is Lucky, a Russian blue (cat) and Willie, a mastiff/shepherd mix. They keep me going. They give me purpose. They share my solitary life, as well as my joys, sorrows, and grief caused by multiple losses over these last 23 years. I am so grateful for them.

May 25, 2010 Philadelphia

Mark S. King

I've always had a strict policy about guys posting pics with their dogs ("way too gay," typically). But I've come to realize that life (and the internet at large for that matter) isn't "Manhunt" or even POZ Personals. And our pets say a lot about us. Which is all to say, Tim Horn sure looks adorable with his pooches. And to hell with my former, petty judgments! Mark S. King p.s. Pets work on all sorts of maladies; my dogs got me through early meth detox!

May 20, 2010 Ft. Lauderdale

Brian Davis

Hey everyone this is Brian Davis and yes my son slope did save my life . He is one special boy and he and his sister even stuck around when they were locked outside from january 11 till february 25th 2007 when they biggoted jerk of a judge put me in jail basically for having AIDS . I had cried myself to sleep many nights thinking i would never see them again . I got out and within 20 minutes mama the sister showoed up and within 4 hrs slope showed up . I LOVE my children (kitties).

May 20, 2010 Roopville Ga


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