A September CDC survey of HIVer men who have sex with men found that less than 10 percent do the “insertive anal” deed without a condom.

On September 20, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill letting adults buy syringes without prescriptions.

Indian generic giant Ranbaxy announced in October that its AIDS meds are ready for World Health Organization reapproval; they were knifed for substandard lab conditions.


In October, Maryland Comptroller William Schaefer proposed a public state registry for all HIVers, saying “people who have AIDS are a danger.”

That same day, Schwarzenegger terminated a bill that would have let county needle exchanges operate without declaring health emergencies.

The U.S. blocked Argentine, Brazilian, Peruvian and Thai HIVers from a U.S.-sponsored overseas meds trial because they were taking generics the FDA hasn’t approved.