Every tourist entering Bangkok during the city’s weeklong world AIDS confab in July got one of some 350,000 condoms that greeted globe-trotting delegates.

The new Real-Time Immuno-PCR test not only detects HIV infection only 12 days after exposure but spots a viral load as low as two.

In the first-ever such clinical study, generic 3-in-1 HIV meds proved just as effective as their brand-name counterparts.


Three weeks pre-confab, Bangkok’s Prince Palace hotel provoked an international outcry by segregating HIVers, demanding that they sleep and eat apart from other guests.

With only 5,224 volunteers passing the screening process, the world’s largest HIV-vaccine trial, set for Thailand, was postponed for another year.

In August, the World Health Org. pulled two Ranbaxy-made generic 3-in-1s from its approval list for not meeting international standards.