Few people living with HIV contract pet-borne illnesses, but these simple prevention tips can keep you and your brood focused on the love bug instead. Immediately treat open cuts and scratches, especially if you’re severely immuno-compromised, and consider gloves when handling repeat offenders. Always wear gloves, however, when handling feces, and keep your pet’s vaccines and checkups up to date. Talk to your doc, too.

Use disposable liners in the litter box, wash your hands after touching it and avoid inhaling the litter.

Don’t touch puppy diarrhea, and keep your pooch screened for parasites. Worm your pup if the test proves positive.

Avoid touching droppings and nasal discharges, and don’t inhale around feathers or dander.

Wear gloves when cleaning aquariums.

Beware of bites, and steer clear of droppings, which are deceptively small.

Not recommended as pets: Reptiles lie in their own feces, so bacteria abound.