Not one to be left behind, Newt has asked his mom to pen an American version

Some foreign safer sex campaigns got down and dirty to try to teach a sexually active younger generation. Controversial posters by the Edmonton AIDS Network in Canada featured a heterosexual couple engaging in intercourse with the caption “Don’t be a fucking idiot.” The risqué French were even more blunt: Their government-sponsored campaign posters simply blared “Fuck AIDS.”

"Just put them next to the Gideon, senhor"

New York City council members, much to the horror of the city’s ritzier hotels, sponsored a bill mandating condom distributors in the bathrooms of all public accommodations. But Cabedelo, Brazil one-upped the Big Apple when it began requiring motels that rent rooms by the hour to interrupt patrons every four hours with an offer of condoms.

But what did he think about Priest?

Despite his popularity with Belgians, bad boy Monsignor Jacques Gaillot was dismissed in January from his 13-year post as Bishop of Evreux. Gaillot offended Vatican sensibilities by demanding greater tolerance for homosexuals and promoting condom use.