“Feeney said the state’s Viagra policy and its AIDS prevention policy certainly seem to conflict. But, he added, ‘It’s very difficult to devise a government policy that is discriminatory. I mean, I could also ask, should I provide Viagra to rapists? Or should I provide Viagra for people with pedophilia in their past?’”

—Would-be house speaker Rep. Tom Feeney (R.), on whether Florida should subsidize Viagra for men with HIV, St. Petersburg Times, April 19

Ouch, That Stings

“The best advice is to play it safe. Avoid insect bites whenever you can. When biting insects are around, wear long sleeves and trousers, use repellent, and even stay inside. If you do everything else to avoid HIV/AIDS, with all the sacrifice it entails, you don’t want to be done in by a mosquito or a stable fly.”

—Dr. David Reuben in his “updated” edition of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask, February 1999

Birch Discovers Cure!

“It’s not just an issue of whether lesbians should be concerned—all people should be concerned. There is a cure for AIDS, and it is good prevention.”

—Human Rights Campaign Executive Director Elizabeth Birch on barebacking, The Advocate, April 13

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