The AIDS Ride
“You won’t prevent resistance in the long term unless you suppress viral load to 0.1 copies/ml. The debate about 400 vs. 50 copies is rather like debating whether you’re going to buy a Ford Fiesta or a Mercedes, when your ultimate aim is to buy a Rolls Royce. The Fiesta may not last as long, but it may enable you to save up enough to buy a Rolls later. However, if you live beyond your means and get a Merc now, the cost could prevent you from ever being able to get a Rolls.”
—Dr. Mike Youle, AIDS Treatment Update, January/February 1998

Gimme an H-I-V
“Scott Helman, 22, recalled that when he was in high school near Columbus, Ohio, students were taught to chant the ways that HIV could be transmitted: ‘Blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk. Blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk…’"
—Nation Through a Looking Glass,” The New York Times, February 3, 1998

Math Anxiety
“If 10,000 die of AIDS, there are a million people with respiratory or digestive health problems. It is far more important to help the one million than the 10,000.”
—Mexican Red Cross President José Barroso Chavez, Mexico’s La Jornada, February 9, 1998

Lilith Unfair
“PWAs are as welcome in managed care as Jesse Helms at a women’s music festival.”
—The White House’s former oral sex expert Bob Hattoy, Bay Area Reporter, February 12, 1998

Long Dong Silvi
“I won’t use a condom because at my age, I could have some problems with it…. [My costars] are all young, healthy girls. Anyway, AIDS takes 10 years to develop. I’ll die first.”
—Nilo Silvi, 83, on his upcoming porn career, Southern Voice, February 26, 1998