It Takes an Advance Team

“In January, Hillary Clinton gained much publicity by reading to children on a pediatrics ward. Now The American Spectator reports that sick youngsters were barred from the event—the children in the photo were the offspring of hospital staff. Mrs. Clinton’s advance team ‘became squeamish about their boss appearing with kids who weren’t looking 100 percent in the pink; in fact, hospital officials were told not to allow any children into the photo-op who were drowsy, bald, bearing tubes in their bodies, or sick looking.’”

--USA Today, March 2

A Stiff One

“The word cocktail used to describe combination drug treatment including protease inhibitors is the wrong word. A cocktail is a liquid, pills are not. Jollity is associated with a  cocktail. Swallowing a handful of toxic drugs is not jolly. Cocktail reinforces the false notion that the AIDS crisis is over.”

--Richard Krulikowski, LGNY
March 17

Lightning Strikes Twice

“The presumption should be that everyone is eligible [for protease drugs], to lessen the likelihood of discrimination against entire classes of people. After all, the history of medical judgments on who may or may not receive scarce or expensive treatment is a very sorry history.”

--Dr. Ruth Macklin, The New York Times, March 2

Philosopher Beastly

“Distributing condoms send a message to our citizens that the government condones behavior that many view as unhealthy, inappropriate and illegal…I am requesting that [the health department] suspend the distribution of free condoms and lubricants in South Carolina clinics so the agency can examine these programs, keeping in mind the conservative, pro-family philosophy under which I govern.”

--David Beasly, Republican
Governor of South Carolina,
Southern Voice, March 17

Number’s Up

“I’m alive! This seems to happen to every AIDS activist at least once. I guess it was my turn.”

--TAG’s Peter Stanley, after March 13’s
San Francisco Examiner called him
the “late Peter Stanley”