Super Mario Brothers this isn’t. In Adventures in Sex City, a video game from the London-Middlesex Health Unit in the United Kingdom, players fight to save Sex City from the evil Sperminator, whose mission is to spread his seed to every citizen, giving each of them a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the processs. 

Only by correctly answering sex education questions can the diabolical sperm be blocked and the city saved. With a growing number of teenagers reporting having sex (46 percent) and doing it with multiple partners (14 percent), it’s no surprise that sex ed is going digital.

Other games include Privates, a video game banned from Xbox Live Arcade, in which Marines wearing condom hats travel through vaginas and rectums, blasting away various unsexy STI monsters.  And in Fast Car: Traveling Safely Around the World, players visit UNESCO World Heritage sites on five continents while receiving information on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care.

More games are on the way. The National Institutes of Health has granted Yale researchers $3.9 million to develop a video game to teach sex, drug and alcohol negotiation skills to kids.

With so many safe ways to score, here’s hoping teens can stay ahead of the game.