Leo Egashira
Seattle, WA
Diagnosed 1992

Board member of Dignity USA, one of the nation’s largest group representing lesbian and gay Catholics

THE NEED: “When I got the diagnosis in 1992, it devastated me. It’s difficult to sort out what part of it was a spiritual crisis. But I think it’s that moment where you feel like Jesus on the cross, saying ‘God, why have you abandoned me?’”
THE CREED: “Spiritually based support groups were enormously helpful to me.”

Kellie Caspar
Atlanta, Georgia
Diagnosed 2000

THE NEED: “I had already worked through so much—and it gave me a way to cope. There are still times I rail at God, but most often I am almost grateful for my diagnosis, because it truly helped me to put life in perspective.”
THE CREED: “My greatest comfort is my friends, my family and my walk with God. I know it sounds corny—and I would have rolled my eyes at that six years ago—but it’s the truth.”