It’s hardly a news flash: Omega-3 oil (from cold water fish like mackerel or salmon, but more easily taken in capsules) slashes blood-fat levels, fine-tuning heart health. Now, a French study confirms it: When HIVers with high triglycerides (cholesterol’s companion blood fat) took a certain brand of fish oil caps (MaxEPA), their triglycerides fell while a control group’s levels rose. Both HIVer groups (122 in all) were taking HIV med combos, and both had their diets monitored before and during the study to ensure that the fishy stuff caused the fat-level changes.

Meanwhile, some Philadelphia scientists say they’ve linked one olive-oil ingredient to cardiovascular health. Oleocanthal, found in extra-virgin olive oil,seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect like that of ibuprofen oraspirin. The researchers think it’s the anti-inflammatory action that helps make the olive-oil-soaked Mediterranean diet so hearty. Olé!