Drug side effects—diarrhea, fatigue, muscle degeneration, peripheral neuropathy, liver damage and the dreaded lipodystrophy, to name a few—are often the bane of an HIVer’s existence. While many suffer in silence or sample the slim pickings of standard remedies (which may provide only partial or temporary relief), a whirlwind of grassroots experimentation is going on. Two nonprofit PWA buyers clubs have collected lots of anecdotes and compiled the few available studies on the drugs, vitamins, minerals, herbs and other substances being used to reduce the nasty downsides of beneficial meds. Check out the booklet How to Manage Side Effects, by the Houston Buyers Club (www.houstonbuyersclub.-com), and the report Countering Toxicities, by the New York City–based Direct Access to Alternative Information Resources (www.daair.org). No surefire solutions here, but many options are virtually nontoxic nutrients that may also boost your health in other ways.