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They Shoot Barebackers, Don't They?

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Hurray and hurrah for the spoken and written honest whole truth. And it's great to hear the reasoning. Bravo and respect to Tony. He speaks the whole truth while others hide it.

June 19, 2018 UK


He owes no one anything. He was being honest, and he represents a huge portion of gay men. And yet another article where Matthew Shepard is mentioned, albeit on the periphery. Matthew was no gay-bashed. Read the facts, and talk about people who lived the bareback life! Gees! We honor Matthew, who was a victim of his overall lifestyle, not gay bashing. But we cannot give this activist a chance to voice the truth? Safe sex sucks. End of story.

May 19, 2013 Boston

G. W.

Example Drugt education only served to inform me of the aray of substances to be used.The message that doing so could be disasterouse was discardded.If it's that bad for you WHY would anyone do them? That was the first question in my mind and it caussed me to tottaly discount the warning as propaganda.A real compleat full on in your face message is much more likely to be effective.Ignoring the importance of uninhibited intamacy degrades the beliveability of the prevention message.

January 21, 2010 Portland Oregon


What is needed is the full unvarnished truth.The message should be infussed throughout with the idea of PERSONAl responcibility.We have been sending the same basic prevention messages for near 30 years.The infection rate is stil about the same or maybe even highter.Continueing the same behavour and expecting different results is the deffinition of insanity.People evaluate messages they recive in large part by how much truth is includded Does it reflect their own experiances? continued

January 21, 2010 Portland Oregon

G. W.

I wish I had seen this article YEARS ago.I could not agree more with Tony.His experiance with HIV and personal decissions are almost identicle. I have A burnning loathing for the so called leaders of the Gay community.In my book they are NOTHING but traitors as well as money grubbing at the expence of the lives of those who have contracted HIV without haveing decided to do so.FOLLOW THE MONEY they need to push there horses dung to keep the money flowing thereby keeping thier jobs.Continued

January 21, 2010 Portland Oregon

Rod McCoy

I was challenged by Stephen Gendin and Tony Valenzuela's words when this piece first came out. Almost 10 years later, I thank them for their words! I'm also glad Tony is still around doing his thing. Glad to also see he's as hot as ever! I'm truly a fan! By the way, how can I get the photos that accompanied the February 1999 piece?

May 12, 2008 Washington, DC


I couldnt agree more with Tony. Ive been having bareback sex all my gay life, nothing else worked for me. I found out I was positive in 1986 and had probably become infected in the early 80s. I try to take care of my self and stay within the poz community when it comes to a sex partner. Im still here and relativly healthy after nearly 30 years poz.

May 8, 2008 FLORIDA


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