...does HIV viral load rise when I get the flu?

When the flu enters your body, infection-fighting immune cells (yourbody’s frontline soldiers) are activated to battle the invader.Activated CD4 cells are more prone to HIV infection than resting cells;once infected, they produce more HIV—and your viral load (VL) goes up.But this jump won’t affect your health, and most studies show that VLreturns to baseline after a month or so. If you’re on HIV meds, your VLmay not bump up at all.

...and when I get a flu shot?

Thevaccine—an inactive version of the flu virus—gives your immune system atraining exercise at fighting flu, so that it will recognize and defeatthe actual thing when necessary. The vax activates your immune system(with its precious CD4 cells), but at a much lower level than a realinfection would. So your VL bump is smaller from vaccination than withthe real  deal. Get vaxed.