“Walk the Talk”
Where in the world is Dr. John Chittick? Find out by logging on to www.teenaids.org.

“Rubber Suit”
Spice up your safer-sex life. Click on www.condomania.com to get a cybertaste of a Pleasure Plus and the latest on its rival rubber, the Inspiral.

“Jail Break”
For more info on the Inmate vs. Fulton County case, check the Southern Center for Human Rights website: www.schr.org. Or call the good lawyers at 04.688.1202.

POZ Picks
Want to “Remember When”? Call 212.367.7514 for a visual trip down memory lane.

“The Power of One”
ASO success isn’t Zimbabway-off: For more about the Matabeleland AIDS Council (MAC) write to 97a Josiah Tongogara St., P.O. Box 1280, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Or call

“Medicine Woman”
Looking to link traditional and Western medicine? Call the Traditional and Modern Practitioners Together Against AIDS (THETA) in Uganda at or 532.930.

“Back to the Roots”
Need some traditional healing? Fax PROMETRA, the international traditional healers association, at 011.221.834.7820, or e-mail erickg@syfed.refer.sn. The Center for Natural and Traditional Medicine picks up the phone at 301.772.8858.

“Grace Under Pressure”
For more about The Centre, the ASO run by Lynde Francis in Harare, Zimbabwe, call, or e-mail centre@internet.co.zw.