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Did HIV Pharma “Pay to Delay” Generic Truvada?

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Frederick Wright

FYI to this date Gilead is not listed as a member of the official PhRMA group, although Pharma is a generic term to include them in the Big Lobby group with out finger prints of conclusion, which is a no, no where big companies get together to talk and plan price fixing, surly we know it happens but is like proving a Hate Crime. The Iron Triangle of the rich, pulls the strings of the big white men, with big bellies that have Master In Business, for most of them have no clue who they serve.

September 2, 2017 Jacksonville

Hazel Heal

Gilead has more blood on its hands than any big pharma, and they all bad. From hep C alone, which kills far more than HIV now although is curable, there is the death toll of a 9/11 event every single day. This is in line with projections that execs do for a job. The poor die. I am only alive as a doc with guts set up generic buyers club, peaceful resistance, please share, look me up. I'm a volunteer, Do this story please, good guys and bad guys, save lives.

September 1, 2017 NZ


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