A Baptist pastor in Montgomery, Alabama, confessed from the pulpit in September that he was living with AIDS and had committed adultery with female church members without telling them his status, according to WBTV.com.

Juan Demetrius McFarland was removed as pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on October 5, but the congregation is grappling with how to deal with the situation. Some church members told WBTV that McFarland should be put on trial. Others expressed concern for supporting the women who slept with him. A church deacon said they have retained legal counsel but are focused on moving the church forward.

Initial reports do not make clear whether the pastor is on effective HIV treatment, which greatly reduces transmission risk, or if he used condoms with the women.

Local pastor Jackie Slaughter of the Metropolitan United Methodist Church said that all church communities—particularly African-American ones—need to have more open discussions about HIV/AIDS.