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Antiretrovirals: A Success Story

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El Loco Truvadas

Yes, ARVs are miraculous medicines that have saved millions of lives. Yet, there is still a long way to go. I havent been able to accept newer ARVs like Efavirenz, Norvir, Atazanavir and even Raltegravir. They would drive me to the edge of the living. Now I am on Dolutegravir and Truvada, its much better, yet I havent still recovered my old self and the energy I used to have. I can feel HIV inside me as a relentless silent tiger trying to eat me away any moment.

July 6, 2016


Con't .. I felt that way reading your comment and it gave me hope, so I hope you can feel that as well. Take care and be well.

July 6, 2016 Toronto, Canada


Dear Poverty Poz, As I read your comment, I thought I was reading my own story. I too am 58, live in social housing on a disability pension. My connection to ANY community is limited by my poverty. I have been positive since 1985, officially. My first drug was AZT, I have been through many drug combination s. Thankfully most of my drug costs are paid by the government (in reality people's taxes) So just to say you are not alone, there are others in similar situations. 1/2

July 6, 2016 Toronto, Canada


I to am undetectable, positive 20 years now, 58 in a few months I live on SSDI, in public housing. I'm comfortable but have lost connection with the gay community as I can't afford much. My doctors and therapist at a gay clinic, this magazine and support groups are my only connection to gay community. We need LGBT home health care workers, I'm in public housing, accepted only because laws protect me, no one else here is gay or HIV+, we are all disabled or elderly. Am I the only one poor & HIV

July 5, 2016 NJ


I have a similar story but even older. I was diagnosed in 1992 and the only drug was AZT which made me deathly sick. My CD4 has been as low as 1 and I was even payed a visit by the head of the CDC. I've been hospitalized several times but today I'm a healthy guy. I learned to listen to my body!

July 5, 2016 San Diego CA


hi i am back it would not let me leave too much comment, anyway as we know we can fight this and there is always something in this world that can take us from earth and home to God so live every day as happy within yourself and lever mind the outside world that has opions about HIV as long as we stay strong in our minds, body and souls we beat this sickness, 22yrs living with HIV, 1994-2016, i love me and everythin about me.. Blessings to you keep up the fight and survival... God Bless

June 27, 2016 Ga/ Fla.


i am so proud to hear you are a long time survivor and made it threw the battle and now living a normal life as we know where never out of danger but as long as we do the right thing we can survive this sickness i like to call HIV a sickness cause i dont have a disease, i am also a long time surviver i have been living with the sickness since 1994 and have done well yes i have my days but all and all i fight this sickness everyday weather in my mind or in being sick i thank God for my days...

June 27, 2016 GA


I have been undetected for HIV for 20 years+ but the lipodystrophy makes me feel like Quasimodo. I went last year because there was a lump under my right ribs and it turned out to be lipodystrophy. This year I have gynomastia on my right breast and I feel like a freak. I don't want to go to gym or any place where I must take off my shirt.

June 27, 2016


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