A big win for LGBT rights in Arizona is also a victory for HIV education and prevention. State lawmakers voted to repeal a 1991 law that banned HIV/AIDS education that [p]romotes a homosexual life-style,” “[p]ortrays homosexuality as a positive alternative life-style,” or “[s]uggests that some methods of sex are safe methods of homosexual sex.” Doug Ducey, the state’s Republican governor, signed the repeal into law, according to a press release from Lambda Legal, a nonprofit legal defense group that fights for HIV and LGBT issues.

Lambda Legal filed the suit along with the Center for Lesbian Rights on behalf of Equality Arizona.

“We are thrilled that state officials have moved so quickly to get this harmful law off the books and allow LGBTQ students—in fact all students—to get access to the medically accurate information that literally could save their lives,” said Lambda Legal staff attorney Puneet Cheema in the press release.

CNN reports that Representative Daniel Hernandez Jr. became emotional on the House floor during a speech about the repeal.

“It’s a really important win today to be able to have this because the struggles and the challenges that I went through as a student in our public schools where I was labeled as alternative, labeled as an other, will be going away today,” he said.

You can watch his speech in the tweet above.

The lawsuit, Arizona Equality v. Hoffman, was filed by Equality Arizona, an LGBT group that includes students. Two of the students are listed in the lawsuit, which argued that the 1991 law violated the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.