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You, Too, Can Be an HIV Advocate!

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Oh my God Suzie. Spare me the sympathy plea. I don't know what your comment had to do with being an advocate or mentor at all. You sound like a typical heterosexual female trying to make everything about yourself, and ignoring what the actual point of this article even is about. You're such a victim aren't ya? And always looking for a soapbox to stand on. Go somewhere else.

January 24, 2017 Washington, DC


I will try my is super hard for me..for my husbands family will not accept us..they wont even eat a meal with us..they tried..but when you are served on paper plates and them regular kind of got the message.#itdontbotherme #ignoration #evergotoschool?

January 23, 2017 los angeles


Join an HIV speakers bureau and discover the power of telling your personal story. Using your story to advocate you will speak to high school students, medical, dentistry and social work university students, nurse training days, aged care workers, politicians, police recruits and anyone else who needs to know about HIV and what it is like to live with HIV. This sounds altruistic but the real benefit is getting a big picture view of your own story and how it relates to the epidemic.

January 10, 2017 Melbourne, Australia


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