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Canada to Lift Lifetime Ban on Gay Blood Donation

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Randall Lloyd

a Gay man who hasn't had sex with another man in 5 years, Yeah right!!! Two gay men in a married monogamous relationship can't donate compared to a woman who has multiple partners can donate. Is there something wrong with the system? This is still Homophobia.

June 6, 2013 Vancouver


The blood ban is only for those who've been abstinent for 10 years or more. This 'lift' is merely an insult to actual science. It takes 13 weeks for HIV antibodies to show up in your blood, 10 years is equivalent to 20x more than science. This is more homophobia. Thanks for nothing! Jacob

June 5, 2013 Ottawa, Canada


Five years??? YIKES! That's a long time to not have sex just so you can give blood.

May 31, 2013 Toronto


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