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Challenging HIV Stigma

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One would think that these peer services are being rid of in rural areas and the suburbs. But just as often they are defunded in the high concentration of PLHIV poorer neighborhoods of richer cities with absolutely no fiscal reason. Because professionals don't profit from them.

May 5, 2020 New York


I've always felt uncomfortable revealing my HIV status; this essay shines a light on why. Thank you. Now ... time to look for a community of other people living with HIV!

May 5, 2020 Woodstock, NY


I tested pos at 21, I just turned 49. I've always been open about my status. In the past month I've had to talk to a cherished family member and ask her to stop telling people I'm HIV+. This came up after learning she'd told her neighbor who then got upset that I (HIV+ person) was to blame for covid19. Some media entities have reported that HIV and covid19 share a genetic sequence. The neighbor is ignorant and has taken that information to mean HIV caused covid19. #stigmakills

May 5, 2020 Nashville


I'm a straight white POZ man [the white whale so to speak] who says yes ... in 2020 there's still a stigma, regardless of orientation associated with having an HIV/AIDS diagnosis, that yes - is very real and yes it affects all of us. Emotionally physically financially - and it's not fun. Even a "friend of the community" an advocate for HIV/AIDS - someone I'd been with years ago repelled at thought of having any sexual/emotional relationship with anyone that's positive. That's stigma ....

April 4, 2020 Los Angeles


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