Actor Charlie Sheen updated the world about his HIV journey, telling the Daily Mail Online that his first regimen of HIV drugs left him with “borderline dementia.” After switching to an experimental med in May 2016, he “is feeling fantastic now.”

The National Enquirer revealed the HIV status of the 51-year-old star of Two and a Half Men in November 2015. Shortly afterward, during an interview with Matt Lauer on Today, he publicly disclosed that he is living with HIV.

As previously reported, the new med Sheen is taking is an entry inhibitor called PRO-140, a weekly injectable currently in a Phase III trial that could, if successful, lead to approval by FDA. CytoDyn Inc. manufactures the med and, according to Radar Online, is hoping to release it in early 2018.

“Personally,” Sheen says, “I think about how I felt on the day [I took the older regimen] and how I feel today. Wow. Talk about a transformation. One minute you’re on the road to perdition, the next you’re on the road to providence. It’s amazing.”

Although Sheen says he’s grateful the cocktails existed when he contracted the virus, he adds that taking them “affects your health, your body—it psychologically affects you. I thought for sure I’d be stuck on that cocktail forever, but look at me now.”

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