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How the HIV Community Responded to Charlie Sheen's Disclosure

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â??HIV specialist Robert Bolan says the only time a blood test states the virus is undetectable is the moment it's taken. "You don't know if it's undetectable the next day, the next week, the next month," said Bolan, medical director of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. "You just can't be sure all of the time."â? This is an unproven outdated and inaccurate statement that does nothing but cast doubt and create fear. Cheap shot by LALGBT center once again! Throw the POZ under the bus to scare tne NEG's

November 19, 2015 Flowermound ,TX


The day before Charlie's public disclosure, I completed prototype game pieces for a game to break down the barriers to hiv /aids, stigma, and create conversations. I am not a game designer , but out of lack of anything to do , a maker space this past year has saved my sanity, its my only opportunity to socialize in this isolated suburban area. Where do I go with this game now? Is there someone out there that would like to help, bring it to the public? PLWA85 mike

November 19, 2015 new england


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