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The First COVID-19 Vaccine Is Here. Is It Safe for People With HIV?

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Im wilson

I got the vaccine today the Moderne vaccine. I was very fortunate to get the vaccine. I went to a clinic for people that were supposed to get their second shots. And they had extras so they included me. I'm hiv-positive since 19 90. I've had cancer and heart bypass and problems. I also have neuropathy. I survived covid-19 August of 2020. And I'm so glad I got the vaccine. There are so many different variations coming out that I didn't think my immunity would last that much longer.

February 20, 2021 Redding, ca.


Yes not unlike others have thought, it is worrisome at how fast they have produced this covid19 vaccine. And what about developing an approved cure for the people who are positively in active virus? More medical treatments are needed especially ones who need hospital /ICU admissions. And now as i am told we are next in line for the vac they're running short. Will have used up our allotment this weekend! What a huge mess. God bless everyone and be safe and sound ????

January 23, 2021 Pennsylvania Mountains

Yuri G

It has been 20 years since an HIV vaccine with many similar parameters has been worked on. To no avail. And now a wonder baby in 8 months! Like with human pregnancy an 8-month gestation for a highly complex vaccine is deadly. I am afraid of the deleterious effect on people with HIV in the long run. And yet it is shoved on to us if we want to live normal life of travel and socialization. A very sad situation!

January 20, 2021 New York

No Thanks I'm Good

I'm not taking this "vaccine". We don't even know the results of the trials for HIV+ people yet. I have a med regiment that works for me and I am healthy. I do not need to risk changing that by taking a DNA altering injection. I get vaccines when I see them to be worthwhile to me but I feel I have more to lose than to gain with this shot (series of shots). This is being rushed out and forced on us. I need to see how people are doing in a year or two. I'm not interested in being a guinea pig.

January 18, 2021

Gregory Veney

Having moved to Tampa from NYC, where I was a member of both GMHC & Harlem United, I can speak to the great difference in the HIV/AIDS services I now have. I am concerned as to how I am going to get my vaccine. I don't drive and Hillsborough County Health Department has a vehicle based Covid-19 testing sites at this time. I hope that I can get my vaccine through my Primary at their office because if not it looks like I'm going to have to physically stand in line behind and in front of a car in

January 15, 2021 Tampa, Florida


I’ve had pfizer and have had no complications just a sore arm.

January 9, 2021 Arizona

Edwin Blessing

(Jan. 3 2022) I'm 63 with HIV for 26 years and the local pharmacy said they could put me on the list with other high-risk factors. Have an appointment with my infectious disease doctor in a few days and really hate the risk of going there but have the surgical mask and eye protection. Most all of the hospital workers have been vaccinated including my roommate but they ran out before finishing. Have seen no reactions to vaccin other than my 90-year-old father getting a 101. fever and confusion

January 3, 2021 Bogota Texas


I've read up on the phases of vaccine rollouts. I'm sure many people feel they should be on a higher list, but I feel there's a group that seriously seems to be over-looked. The elderly (not in a facility) are lumped in with younger people who have possible risks. BUT, who I think are being over-looked are those ELDERLY (I'm 71) who are ALSO at high risk - such as HIV. That's a DOUBLE WHAMMY, (virtually a death sentence w/Covid), and should be specifically indicated & moved higher on the list.

December 22, 2020 Texas


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