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Detroit Man Alleges HIV Discrimination By Lysol-Spraying Dental Clinic Coworkers

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I live in Manchester in the United Kingdom and have worked for a corporate company selling office space and the staff you knew I was openly gay and worked with an all female staff, I became H.I.V after leaving the company and my Boss found out through my medical records regarding my status and lost all my friends within,that was in 2004 and still no one speaks to me, I myself did not tell my bosses regarding my status as I had left their employment but they found out anyway.

February 11, 2012 Manchester U.K

Frank Lopez

I live here in calif and I have been looking for help ...No Help from the EEOC ..I am HIV and told my manager ..I was asked to have my doctor write a letter saying its ok that i can touch things and its ok I was able to work for them,I was bullied for about a yr,car vandelized and also exposed to memebers,assaulted in a back storage room,local police couldnt help me,Please Please can someone help me....Living here in calif I am unable find any help ...

February 8, 2012 antioch


I am so sorry to hear that in this day of education, that people are still so ignorant about HIV/AIDS. I remember being in third grade (over 15 years ago) and my teacher explaining that AIDS/HIV cannot be transferred through touching or breathing the same air. I also am ashamed of the management, who could condone and get involved in such inhumane actions. I would not recommend this place to anyone. I am also letting everyone I know about this in hopes that they too will protest.

February 7, 2012 Detroit

John germano

I hope he get paid big.

January 25, 2012 Providence


It is Amazing, to see such behavior, but it is true, after learning about my status, people did not want to be in an elevator, for fear of breathing the same "Air" I now ride the elevator alone... Education is the only thing that can stop this and if it does not happen soon, isolationists will push for a "Round up" of positive people so they can "live together and not risk the lives of everyone else" does that sound insane, sure, but this is what will happen if we do nothing at all. but wait..

January 23, 2012 Atlanta

clod hopper

Well, it just goes to show you, you can take the jungle out of the boy, but not the boy out of the jungle!!! Keeep your big mouth shut at work at at other places too!! It is no one's business!!! Even if giving head at area porn shops....NOTHING GOOD ABOUT HAVING HIV!! you dumb ass biatches...and why is there no picture or photo of a "James White?" the story fabricated and made up to make us believe stigma exists?????!!! Hmmmmmnnmmm....

January 21, 2012 nowhere


when i was in Tx a manager didnt want to touch anything i bought for co workers and he knew i was + so he told another im not gonna touch what he touched... that pissed me off people are so stupid

January 19, 2012 Turlock

James in Oregon

Am HIV+ and was a pharmacy manager with Walmart and told my district manager that I was probably positive. Within 2 days they had our store do 2 blood born pathogen modules in the HR room. Calls to other local stores showed that these stores had no required modules at that time. Then came the harrasement within the pharmacy and validated by two hand written letters by fellow pharmacy staff which HR ignored. Finally had to leave due to the harrasment and to protect my health. Would NEVER divulge!

January 17, 2012 Oregon


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