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Study: Term “On the Down Low” Could Harm HIV Prevention for Black Men

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Jeff Richard

I am afraid the authors are falling into a political correctness trap here. I agree that this term should be used carefully (and without value judgements), by people who understand the full context of what it means. It is a good thing to reach out to isolated segments of society. We need to reach everyone, and especially those at high risk. The problem with not using this term is how else do we reach out to them? What term would work better? I didn't see any suggestions here at all.

January 27, 2009 Portland, OR


I dislike being proven right, and as fatuous as that sounds, I have been on a tirade for too damn long against the implied and explicit homophobia in the so-called AIDS world. For too damn long we have accepted the term msm. MSM is demeaning and illogical. Unless we start an honoest dialogue about GAY men, HIV will continue its deadly march because we don't exist; we are only a category that was simply made up. Anyone else up to my challenge to DUMP the term MSM?

January 22, 2009 Patchogue, NY


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