A high school sex education course in Tennessee has been discontinued after a parent complained that certain lessons were too graphic, The Tennesseean reports.

“It took me by surprise,” said Rodrick Glover, the parent of a daughter at Hillsboro High School in Nashville who took the course. “My daughter thought it was pornography.”

According to the article, Glover’s daughter told him that sexual techniques were demonstrated using models of male and female genitals. Glover also said that students were tested for HIV without parental consent.

The Metro Nashville Public Schools are considering disciplinary action against the teacher of the course. However, the lessons under scrutiny were conducted by guest instructors from Nashville CARES, a local AIDS service organization.

“We know some district policies were not followed,” said Olivia Brown, a Metro Schools spokesperson. “We are updating our policy to ensure that future instruction is only from our approved curriculum.”