Positive Motherhood
In “Mother Plus Child Minus HIV” (September 2009), Luz de Jesus Roman, an HIV-positive woman, gave birth to a healthy HIV-negative baby girl, showing us motherhood is possible for women living with the virus. Here’s what some of you had to say.

I am an HIV-positive woman, I have two beautiful children, and neither has HIV. Articles like this are good. With proper care and treatment, HIV-positive women can have children without passing the disease on and can live long enough to grow old and become grandparents. Too many people don’t realize this fact.

City Withheld

As a mother of an HIV-negative child, I think this story is wonderful. I found [out] about my status during my first trimester, and it was emotionally draining. It wasn’t until my child was 2 that we were 100 percent sure she was OK. I could never get pregnant now on purpose—it’s just too risky, but to each her own. Options are out there, and people should know about them. I do disagree about disclosure: Unless we’re intimate or you’re a doctor treating me, it’s not your business. Select friends and family know (period).

City Withheld

Take A Bow
“Curtains Up” (September 2009) spotlighted AIDS educator Dan Gallagher, who wrote the play Between the Seams to reduce HIV stigma among teenagers.

I am very proud of Dan Gallagher for the amazing job he has done with this play. He has put compassion, love and strength into this project. Great job—and we love you!

Knoxville, TN

Unwrap Stigma
A POZ magazine subscriber sounds off about its black bag covering.

I just got my POZ magazine this afternoon. I love it. I look forward to it. Why does it still arrive in a black, shrink-wrapped plastic bag? Talk about stigma! May we please have the option to subscribe proudly and shamelessly?

Heather Hill
San Francisco

Cuba: Low HIV Rates, Questionable Tactics?
Many of you commented on “Keeping AIDS at Bay in Cuba” (September 2009), which shined a light on the Cuban government’s treatment of those living with HIV/AIDS and its early, controversial tactics to control the spread of HIV.

I enjoyed your article, but I am saddened about the negative online comments regarding Cuban politics. Having been to Cuba many times while visiting friends and family, I found the Cuban people very smart and “not the political puppets” one would expect. HIV/AIDS is often talked about, and the people are well informed. One easily sees prevention advertisements both on television and billboards. Cuba has a lot of tourism and prostitution, so HIV prevention is necessary.

Dominguez, CA

The authors make no mention of their sources, so apparently they are repeating the government propaganda delivered by the people they encountered, all of whom can only say what the government there will allow, or they get in trouble. Anyway, the inhumane level of government control and disrespect for freedom of their supposedly successful plan is appalling. Apparently POZ fell into the Cuban trap by publishing this.

Washington DC