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Florida to Roll Out Free PrEP in 2018

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It's great that the state of Florida is taking this step to provide free PrEP. I just hope the people that need it will seek it out and take it. The STIGMA that surrounds everything related to HIV/AIDS. Must be dealt with before any true progress will be achieved.

January 14, 2018


I agree Florida has layers and layers of paper work with many hands in the AIDS pot. They do good if one is disable and has a food stamp card, but, if one is working and trying to stay off disability, good luck in finding preventative care, for most want to funnel you to disability, to save, on their budget i.e. ADAP, Ryan White. It is a sick state system and for ones in the gaps or large donuts holes, one must use the emergency room for healthcare to stay alive.

January 9, 2018 Florida


HIV+ Floridians have such a difficult time obtaining HIV medication and staying undetectable. The system is too difficult to use and has too many requirements. We should be tracking people who have gone off care or have given up on a system that doesn't work for them. Let's look at the flawed systems in states with these high percentage rates and fix the problems. It shouldn't be too difficult to get care. I hope it will be easier for negative people to stay on PrEP medication.

January 4, 2018 Florida


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