Gardasil, the FDA-approved vaccine for young women to prevent some cancer-producing strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), was recently found safe and effective in men. Although many adults already have HPV, some HIV-positive men have long wanted Gardasil in hopes of preventing anal and penile cancer. Here’s what some of you told us:

“I wanted the vaccine, but not one agency would provide it to men. Fortunately, my doctor makes it available to all. Now I just have to come up with about $200 per injection (for a series of three).”
Dave Unger, 53, Indianapolis

“Men shouldn’t be denied this vaccine if it is effective for us. This is a hot topic, yet most health departments haven’t done enough to educate and try to prevent HPV.”  
John Wikiera, 47, central New York state

“I would like to be vaccinated against HPV—after discussing the merits and risks with my doctor. I’ve had enough stuff (HIV, HCV) and don’t want to add HPV to the list if it can be avoided.”  
Andy Hansen, 51, Hayward, CA

And a reminder: Regular anal cancer screening allows early detection (and treatment) of any abnormal cells.