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Leading Ladies

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My goodness, what complaining! Maybe caring people simply don't know what to say to people who offer up sad news. Whether it's having HIV or cancer or suffering from infertility. People can chose to be offended by 95% of what you reply. Do you have a rule book of what to say when? Can you send me a copy? A friend has bladder cancer and everyone says "gosh, I'm sorry, are you okay?" and she gets angry that there is any question - "of course I'm okay, don't I look it?!"

March 14, 2010 Califon, NJ


These articles regarding women are insightful. I work in a medical office and the stigma of HIV among the staff when a patient comes in is, in my opinion, neanderthal. For this reason, I have pursued the topic and reached out to resources such as POZ to better understand what the patients experience and how they might feel in society. I have a new found passion for caring and helping those affected and I feel that the subject is still very taboo in our society or at least where I live in FL.

March 11, 2010 Cocoa Beach

Sherri Lewis

It is so great to hear from Dawn who I've had the pleasure of meeting here in LA on several occasions, and Mary Fisher. IT's great to see how well they are doing since it's been so long that we've heard from them. Dawn's babies are now children and Mary is a powerful strong beautiful woman leading the way with grace and dignity as we are fortunate to actually be "aging with HIV." Who would have believed we would all still be here! Thank you so very much for living with HIV out loud! Sherri

March 4, 2010 Hollywood

George Maris

Amazing strength and wisdom, are only two words I can describe after reading the story about Wonder Women. As an educator for HIV prevention and social marketer, this story touched my life. Overcomming all the stigma and prejudice associated with HIV/AIDS takes courage.

March 1, 2010 Charlottesville, Virginia


HIV+ Soccer Mom's Unite!!! I am one, I am sure there are plenty more of us out there!

February 24, 2010 Southen California

ebony a.r .johnson

i have had hiv since i was 3 yrs old and now i am 30 doctors never thought i would live, and living in the 80's at that time for me was rough because when u a child u don't understand why people don't to be around or why your family treats u the way that they do, i was kicked out of elementry school because i had hiv and to me the way i see it "people just did not get educated and was so afraid and scarred about getting hiv" even in the new years and before the numbers started to sky rock people

February 22, 2010 jamaica

Philip Ward

I am working with UCAN - United Church AIDS/HIV Network to reach out to the Congregations in Phoenix area. Can I get in touch with Mary Fisher to help?

February 20, 2010 Phoenix


I too found out I was positive in 1991.....with 4 small boys and no partner to help with them. I did fall down that shaft, and I am still there. My meds are working and I have a good doctor, but absolutely no support. No family who understands, no support groups any where near hear, i'm alone and still scared. Maybe I should start some kind of program to educate, if I wasn't afraid to speak to crowds. My kids are grown and I thank God for that, physicaly i'm pretty good, mentally I am not.

February 19, 2010 parkersburg WV


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