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Toward a Cure: Virologic Control Documented in 14 Acute HIV Treaters

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For more about bee venom

April 17, 2013

Ivan Acosta

Maybe grabbing at straws but recently came across on YOUTUBE a video proclaiming that BEE VENOM kills the AIDS virus while leaving the normal cells unaffected ... has anyone looked into this claim?

April 17, 2013 Cabo Rojo


hello. my name is Minerva. I was first diagnosed with HIV in 12/2005. I had 48,ooo copies. my CD4 was 179. I started on my treatment immediatedly. within 6 months I was undetectable. I took my meds faithfully for 5 years. of course my throat needed a break so I decided to stop for a while. im still undetectable. I have less than 20 copies in my body. I ALWAYS said I was a fighter and I wasn't gonna let this beat me. im still fighting strong and this disease is NOT gonna beat me. im living proof

April 3, 2013 philadelphia


Well they seems to have been officially cured This brings the number functionally/cured of HIV to 16. It seems to be the same theory as the baby - early treatment. While it is great news it unfortunately its of little benefit to most people with HIV We need another Berlin patient A regular patient who we can cure and be an inspiration to the rest of us. I believe we willget him or her (prob him) in the next two years all though I hope sooner

March 15, 2013 EU


I started treatment within 10 weeks. I never had a VL over 1,000. After four year on treatment I am going to stop today against doctors advice. I do not see how I am any different than this study. I wil let ya know...

March 2, 2013 San Diego


How can a person who is interested in this particular type of treatment get it

November 15, 2012 pretoria


According to the associated publication i find on pubmed, it was only 5 of 32 patients (16%) who started therapy "early" (the mean was within 2 weeks from primary HIV infection, but ranged from 2-9 weeks). Duration of tx was ~5yrs. the study did start in the 90s, was in france, etc. may not become a standard of care but will likely guide therapy in the future. it is good news, but guarded as ever...

November 8, 2012 Washington


andy My money and hope is on cord blood. Although treating 34million people that way is impossible. If proven to work it will speed up gene tests.We may now before the end of the year

August 27, 2012


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