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HIV Discrimination Lawsuit Against CVS Can Proceed, Court Rules

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My insurance unfortunately requires me to use CVS Specialty. This is nothing but an absolute inconvenience and disappointment. I had to send a certified letter to get them to acknowledge my payment for medication delivered to and paid for at a local CVS pharmacy. Totally unacceptable!

January 2, 2021


CVS specialty’s only “specialty” is in serving as a barrier between the patient and their medicine. How PLHIV are forced to use this inferior service for a basic, chronic and not even most expensive condition is baffling. Particularly when many of these plans don’t require non HIV patients to use it for antiretrovirals. Just a completely appalling organization that only survives off discrimination. I hope the plaintiffs win. I agree with the prior post, there needs to be a class-action suit.

December 17, 2020 Throughout the USA


This should be a class action lawsuit! I have been living this story for years! My nationally recognized specialty pharmacy is 1/2 mile away and I could not use them with CVS Caremark and ExpressScripts. I experienced missed doses, anxiety and numerous hours of lost time attempting to rectify. Good Luck!

December 17, 2020 California


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