A new female condom, FC2, is now available in the United States. Like the older FC1, this prophylactic is inserted into the vagina. Female Health Company (FHC), which makes both, says FC2 costs less and is less noisy during intercourse than its older sister.

Some people say female condoms are rarely used in the states. But we know different—because we listen to you. Here’s how POZ readers—both women (for whom it’s approved) and men—review the original FC1. (If you try FC2, tell us how it measures up.)

“[My partner] enjoyed the sensations better [with FC1] than with the male condom. But the semihard ring that inserts into the vagina pinched and made me bleed.”

“I like the female condom. But that ring prevents oral sex, and it’s kind of uncomfortable using a dental dam [at the same time].” 

“[FC1] was okay except that it produced a sound at the peak of the act that did not please me or my partner.”

“I could put it in ahead of time so the mood wasn’t interrupted. But it seemed to loosen up once it was in, which could be a problem during rough or fast sex.”

“For anal sex, I found it less restrictive than a male condom.”

"With regular condoms, I can’t maintain an erection. But I have no problem when using the female condom.”