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HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day 2016

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First heard about this June 4th, the day before the date to honor us survivers. I tested POZ in 3/1986 at 29. Will be 60 soon which is hard for me to believe. No doubt I am blessed in many ways as 2 partners & at least 100 friends are no longer in my life. It has been a tough road as insurance issues, depression, employment & other issues have created a perfect storm for me to live a life focused on surviving rather than living. It is tough to survive yet PROUD I did. Please don't forget us!!!

June 11, 2016 Atlanta


HIV was first diagnosed in 1981. But people had already died before then and people had already been infected for several years, spreading the virus without realizing it. In my view it's a bogus date because people were already sick and dying and had been infected for many years. Some people who are alive certainly have been infected over 35 years. They took every toxic life-altering drug to save their lives, and some are still around. You just don't read about them.

June 6, 2016


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