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Baby Steps: Family Planning and Pregnancy for People With HIV

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Dennis B Cain

I am an undetectable HIV+ male. My female best friend is negative. We are searching around NC for a facility that can provide IUI with sperm washing. Can anyone direct me how to find such a facility? A general search turns up many, but a couple I have contacted do not work with HIV+ persons. Unfortunately IVI is not affordable.

January 12, 2015 Raleigh


The first thing that came out of my mouth before the flood of tears when they told me I was POZ was, "oh my God, I can never be a father" and then the dream of having my own children died. That was over 20 years ago and now reading so much about this is giving me so much hope. I have been searching for clinics which may do this, am searching for co-parenting even willing to pay for the process, however, the only company I come up with is growing generations out of LA, can somebody please help me

February 24, 2011 New York


My husband and I are a discordant couple (he is +, I am -) and are looking forward to having trying for children in the coming year. We're in the process of getting all of our ducks in a row, but it would be nice to contact other couples that have been through the same process, that would be able to offer emotional support and guidance. Any ideas as to a forum where this would be possible? It's one thing knowing you're not alone, it's a different thing to find others like you. Nikki

December 10, 2010 Indianapolis, IN


hello i am very interested in having my sperm washed and find a surrogate i have talked to my doctor but she does not know where and how so im looking for help where do i go and who to contact to do this

March 10, 2010 fort lauderdale


I am hoping to have a baby and I am currently searching for a sperm donor. I have been poz for 4 years now and I am ready to have a family.

February 4, 2009 Lafayette, LA

S High

This story gives me hope that I still have the ability to leave behind a heritage for my family.

January 1, 2008 Chicago


I have been poz for 15 years and have had two children (while undetectable) in 2000 and 2003. My girls are beautiful and healthy and dad is negative still (of course). When people know the truth about transmission the skies can really be the limit!

December 12, 2007 Sterling, VA


Wow...this story is truly inspirational and gives hope to those of us who want to have children some day.

December 10, 2007 Dallas, TX


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