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How HIV Stigma Ruined Much More Than a Dream Date

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Thank you for sharing n great example of whats been going around n it’s unfortunate we have to go thru such experience but we learn to grow with those type sessions. All we can do is brush it off our shoulders n keep on going. I’ve tried going even just a friendship type relationship but too much drama n baggage i’d rather just keep with myself n pet schnauzer who’s so much more fun n than a human. I’m in my late 60s but according to ppl I still look good n that’s ok n enough for me. Thanks

December 2, 2018 San Antonio Tx


Karl, I had thought that your story was going in the direction of this "Josh" coming on to you after he had become HIV+ himself. In such a situation you'd have had the right to tell him to "go #%*& off!" Yes, it was the early days of HIV AIDS, but still you'd have had the right... Insteaa your story had a different outcome and you handled him very well. Thank you for sharing this story.

December 1, 2018 UK


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