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POZ Picks—Winter Reads

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Sara Angharad

Terry Angel Mason's book is a beautiful reflection of his positive energy and amazing resilience. Mason challenges societal bias, but without accusation of individuals- instead, he invites change through the sharing of stories. It is open and passionate, full of encouragement and triumph for those who share any of the author's experiences, yet is still very accessible to anyone else who has ever loved and felt so strongly for someone that love simply wouldn't let them be silent.

January 15, 2010 Bloomington, IN

Darian Aaron

Mason masterfully tackles the intersection of race & homophobia in "Love Won't Let Me Be Silent" while simultaneosuly challenging heterosexual privilege; leaving the reader with a profound sense of self-worth whereas before it may have been in question. If black men loving other black men is considered a revolutionary act, then Mason provides a blueprint to love God, yourself, and ultimately the man of your choosing boldly and without reservation in "Love Won't Let Me Be Silent".

January 13, 2010 Atlanta

Elton A. Stovell Sr

Love Wont Let Me Be Silent by Terry Angle Mason is a great speaker and advocate for HIV/AIDS. He has writen several books. Love wont let me be silent looks into HIV/AIDS from a person who is African American and is from the African American Community. This book is from a person who was very sick with the virus and came back. We love Terry and his book. from Elton Stovell, Program Director NHA Case Management and Peer support Services.

January 13, 2010 San Diego

Marie Mimms

Terry Mason is a great writer and teacher, his Book Love Won't Let Me Wait is a lovely book full of heartfelt knowledge and situations that readers can relate to.

January 12, 2010 APO

j freeman

Love wont let me be silent is really something for everyone to read, everyone that is really interested in understanding what real love in various form look like...there is not just one kind of love and this book paints the picture of love and life outside the box....this book is a must read and will change anyones life who reads it...pick up ur copy today!

January 12, 2010 hollywood

O'Dell Anderson

Getting kids to understand gay and lesbian issues is something few ever try as the possible outcome can be confusing at most. In our American society with so many anti-gay attitudes, it may be difficult to teach our children to respect homosexuals as human beings. The facts are that homosexuals are part of our society, children must understand the issues in a non-judgmental way. The book, "Love Won't Let Me Be Silent gives you useful suggestions to help you to foster that understanding with kids

January 12, 2010 Kansas City

Robin Downey

Love Won't Let Me Be Silent is becoming the most talked about book in america among any God-fearing, same-gender lover plus their friends & family. In perfect prose, it bridges the man-made gaps between religion, race & politics. Then offers love-based solutions to any & all problems plaguing our communities. I am changed after reading it & I know you will be too...

January 9, 2010 West Hollywood


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