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Dodging Danger

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what can meds do to me

January 11, 2008 miami


Well, it's a warning to take better care of ourselves. But I wonder; how much increased are the health risks as mentioned above?

December 17, 2007

Karen J. Manners

I was infected by a needlestick in 1993, August. I was an RN drawing blood on a client who had a seizure and the needle stuck me in the thumb. In 2 months, I had seroconverted and was felt terrible. I was the 25th healthcare worker in WA State to be infected through the job. What began as a nightmare became a reason to live again! I started taking better care of myself and take my meds religiously. I'm on Truvada, but no kidney problems. I haven't experienced any of those things written about.

December 1, 2007 Puyallup


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