The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) renewed a total of $37.7 million in annual funding for three years to 32 programs across the country that provide housing and supportive services to low-income people living with HIV and their families.

According to a HUD press release, the funding will help more than 4,000 people with HIV in 23 different states. Housing is key to this population’s health and well-being, specifically to taking meds regularly and remaining undetectable, which means that the person with HIV is not only healthier but also has virtually zero chance of sexually transmitting the virus.

The HUD grants are offered through its Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS Program (HOPWA), which is managed by the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing.


“The programs are the tip of the iceberg for people who need housing,” John Peller, president and CEO of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, told the newspaper. “We’re very grateful for the renewal in funds. This is a time of year where we’re very aware of homeless people on the street.”

For details about the 32 HOPWA-funded programs, see the HUD press release.