An HIV-positive Indiana man pleaded guilty February 24 to two felony counts of failing to warn a sexual partner that he had HIV, the Indiana Star reports. Tony Perkins, 47, was arrested last month after a former girlfriend reported him to the authorities.  

According to the article, this case is likely the first conviction in the state under a 1993 law requiring people living with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B to inform their sexual partners of their status.  

In Johnson Superior Court, Perkins reportedly admitted to having sex with two women—including his girlfriend of two and a half years—without disclosing his HIV status. He affirms that he always used a condom.  

Police plan to recommend additional charges after 24 other women have come forward to claim to have had sex with Perkins. None of them has tested positive for HIV.  

Perkins said he revealed his HIV status to his dates for about a year after his 2004 AIDS diagnosis but then stopped after a string of post-disclosure rejections.  

“I told them, and they would never call again,” he said. “They treated me like I had the plague.”  

Perkins will be sentenced April 21.