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I’m not interested in much lately. Am I clinically depressed?

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Gregory Highfill

I inherited clinical depression from my mother but wasn't diagnosed & treated until 1986. Now I'm also dealing with situational depression, after giving up a good career and my life to care for my father 10 1/2 years ago. I'm still doing this and now my own health is starting to fail. Clinical depression is far easier to deal with than situational depression. I'm also turning 65 this month and the one thing I remember from youth was "Nobody wants you when you're old and gay."

October 5, 2017 Davenport, FL


I've been depressed lately for almost 10 months now and I wish there were some local groups in my area. I live around the Philadelphia area and wish there was. Some days are much worst than others.

October 5, 2017 Pennsylvania

Jay Pet

I have suffered depression...most of my HIV status came at "50". Having lived most of my adult life in NYC and SF I found that being Poz was not a big deal to me with others.Now I find myself back in my little hometown in NJ and find that I do get depressed about finding love/companionship with my status. It does get me down but I am healthy and in control of my health. It would be nice to love again but alas that if that is the least of my worries...I am blessed...felt good to say it

October 5, 2017 NJ


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