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Invisible Invincible

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Thanks for sharing. I’m keeping my condition for myself yet. It’s difficult to find someone to tell it. I still think I can keep it to myself but sometimes it suffocates me, anyway everybody says it takes time, and will get better. So I’m letting time pass. Step by step.

November 26, 2019 Cuba


I would like to join the group and share the experience

January 2, 2019 Tanzania


Thanks for sharing n I’ve been with HIV since 92 and still feel great with meds. Haven’t changed too mny times but all is still well. Family well never abandon you n the love will still be there but mostly if you stay with positive attitude and educate them that it’s not a dying stage but more of an enlightenment for life, pleasures of vision n great experiences. Encounters can be possible but not impossible. Live mi hermano con alegria y fe.

December 2, 2018 San Antonio, Tx


I was unexpectedly diagnosed around Christmas 2016.Shock horror what to do ? . Could not tell anyone and had to leave my location. In Thailand nobody cares and meds , while expensive , not too hard to buy ! The only person I could have told died a little earlier.Lost without someone to tell . I told the least likely person , someone I know and often argued with ! Turns out his friend has been poz for years much younger than me.Nice to have a lover but not looking. Just want good friend(s).

October 27, 2018 Thailand


I was married to my spouse for 19 years when we found out my dear love had HIV while being worked up for a sudden illness. I am the only one who knows, and chose to not shame or stigmatize in anyway, only to be there to support to increase my dear love’s chances of survival since condition was actually meeting criteria for AIDS. Dear love is doing wonderful 2 years after. I’m Confident that you will find a loving and understanding partner, stay healthy for there is so much out there for you!

August 9, 2018


After reading your story, I am in complete understanding of the thought process and the reasoning of keeping the fact of HIV testing or even being positive to yourself.I have been positive for 18 years now and have had that same feeling for most of that time. The most I refused the testing too and avoided the acceptance its not me, I feel fine....Then double phememonia sets in, infection all over. In all keep yourself open to talk about it and will keep you happy/healthy. Today HIV undectable

August 6, 2018 USA


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