MTV’s Staying Alive campaign will mark 10 years of fighting HIV/AIDS by airing a documentary on World AIDS Day, December 1, reports MarketWatch. The hour-long film will star Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland, the newly appointed Staying Alive Foundation ambassador.

Titled The Diary of Kelly Rowland, the hour-long documentary chronicles Rowland’s recent visits with Staying Alive Foundation heroic grantees in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and the United States. These young people affected by HIV/AIDS tell their own stories and explain how they protect others in their communities from getting infected.

While in Kenya, where young females are five to six times more vulnerable to HIV infection than boys their own age, Rowland gets tested for HIV in an effort to encourage youth to learn their status. “Love yourself enough to protect yourself,” she tells the youths. “One person makes a difference.”

Bill Roedy, chairman and CEO of MTV Networks International, said in a statement: “Kelly has upped the ante by getting tested herself. We are proud and honored to have her as our exemplary ambassador especially in this landmark 10th year.”

Over the past decade, Staying Alive has raised HIV/AIDS awareness through programming, youth brands, competitions, public service announcements, web sites, celebrity collaborations, blogs and grants.