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An Open Letter to Michael Johnson

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This is bulls**t. If u knowingly infect anyone without their consent your ass needs to be LOCKED UP. I do take into consideration that it is also up to every individual to take responsibility for their sexual health, however to know something like u having HIV and not disclose, especially now with all the new forms of prevention is F**KING DISGUSTING AND SHOULD BE PROSECUTED. While prep may not have helped this fellow maybe it was before it was popularized is even more reason to disclose.

December 13, 2018 Fl


I have full sympathy for anyone who becomes infected with HIV. Penny's story is harrowing. I agree with Ken Thomas that it impacts a huge treatment cost on the infected person or the State. And Brady's story highlights just how precarious life is. To me, a person infected with anything has responsibility to disclose or else use safe sex. But if criminalisation means that people won't get tested then that will increase the number of new infection cases. As for the letter, do leave race out of it!

April 16, 2018 UK


With laws with pressure on hiv will cause more to get it and cause more to die.if you tell someone and they say its okay,they can turn around and hold that over anyone with hiv.makes you a bigger victim.or you say well dont get involved then with nobody??thats the point they want to happen.stop discriminating then people will open up.stop breaking the law to get good results,dont break the law for good.this is what jails do and prisons and society.grow up people dont have sex unprotected

April 12, 2018 Kentucky


You people dont know a thing.u say tell people when hippa law is serious as lets do away with the hippa law then.for everybody.and oh no we cant do that.people dont want others to know they crap in the= paints daily,but you want people dieing to tell people their dieing to get pushed away further.grow the f....up and make people wear protection,prevention is the key in your own life.i have hiv i dont care what you do with your life so stay out other people lives..

April 12, 2018 Kentucky


I am hiv pos since 2007.i sincerely wish things would change in our country regarding these types of cases.and my friend dont allow the stigma from other peoples bullcrap to discourage you.i agree with every part of the letter posted except the racial implication bec im white.and i go threw the exact same dont matter about color or sexual preferance.its actually the hiv status alone.if you didnt have hiv then it would be the other.the government dont care about no life.

April 12, 2018 Kentucky

Neil K

WTF has the HRC been doing? Why have they not stood up yet to defend him? They only care about white male issues like gay (f**king) marriage !!

April 2, 2018


There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for not telling your partner about your HIV status. Making it a race issue really IS beside the point. Death sentence or not, DISCLOSE DAMMIT!!!!! Black, white, brown green or purple DISCLOSE!!!!!!!!

October 11, 2017

Dr Reggie Dunbar II

More brothers and advocates for health disparities and legal issues should speak up and out for our community and the general communities at large. Old outdate laws are imprisoning too many people without human and decent merit. ACT NOW THEN SPEAK.

January 14, 2016 Atlanta GA


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