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Military Starts Discharging Service Members Living With HIV

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Read the policy! It is not particularly going after HIV + Service Memebers. The military has more service members that are consider non-deployable for other than HIV+ I personally think that an infected person in a battle situation does provide a higher risk to those who need to perform emergency operations of some kind in battle / combat. Have a sterile ER on the battle field may be short. But, HIV+ personnel do not need to be discharged but reassigned.

December 25, 2018

A Anon

As a vet who was suddenly discharged due to my diagnosis I can tell you it was hell. For me anyway. Your income, friends, support system, medical and dental services - everything - gone in an instant. I spiraled. I’m not proud to say it but one day I’m an extremely proud and productive service member and the next an HIV+ piece of deadwood. It really sucked. I’m good now thank god. But what they did was wrong. I’m still proud of my service and grateful for the opportunity. But damn.

December 25, 2018


One person should not have the power or authority to control another person's life especially when active duty military people put their lives on the line and manh make the ultimate sacrifice. Reggie A Vietnam War Veteran

December 20, 2018 Atlanta


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