Those who are treated for HIV at numerous clinics, instead of at just one, are less likely to be on antiretrovirals (ARVs) and to have a fully suppressed viral load, HIVandHepatitis reports. Publishing their findings in AIDS and Behavior, researchers culled data from the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health, regarding people receiving HIV care among 26 Ryan White–funded HIV clinics in Philadelphia. The researchers drew one sample of 6,434 people from 2008 and another of 10,037 people from 2011, with some overlap between the two groups, for a combined total of 13,027.

Sixty-nine percent of those who received care from multiple clinics were on ARVs, compared with 83 percent of those attending a single clinic. The respective figures for those attaining an undetectable viral load were 68 percent versus 78 percent. From one year to the next, 20 percent of the study group maintained their use of multiple clinics.

Those who visited multiple clinics were more inclined to be black, younger, female, receiving public insurance and in care for less than a year.

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